Earlsdon Library, Coventry, May 2015 - current.  Next stop, Hearsall Community Primary School.  'The Earlsdon Mappa': Co-ordinator of a collaborative community giant map of Earlsdon, based on the medieval Mappa Mundi, with over 200 contributors.  This was part of the first Earlsdon Arts Trail, 'Tradesman's Entrance', a project I instigated in collaboration with Coventry University.

The Coventry University Drawing Prize: A Selected Drawing Exhibition. The Atkins, Hinckley, 15 April -7 May 2015, previously at the Lewis Gallery, Rugby, 12-25 March 2015. “The Trojan Nitrogen Meets Oxygenie', drawing/poems.

George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton, May 2011 - current.  Solo exhibition: 'A Story of Energy', eight paintings with accompanying poems. Previously at Friswells Gallery, Coventry, 8-30 April 2011.

Outside In:  Artist of the Month for January 2015. Ambassador for Outside In.


Tate Modern, East Room, London, 18 October 2014. As part of the 'Flow' exhibition, showing my 'Dinner Book' of poems and ink drawings.

Art Alert Gallery, Nuneaton, March to September 2014. Six drawings on display, plus commissioned work from Art Alert: 'Conversations with Clay Scribbles', where members of the public responded to images of clay clumps.  Seven drawings and poems were made in response to these.


The Coventry University Drawing Prize: A Selected Drawing Exhibition. Lewis Gallery, Rugby, 1-28 March, 'One -Two, Want To', drawing/poem.  

Lewis Gallery, Rugby, 26 November - 6 December, a joint exhibition with Karen Johnson. 'Conversation with a Scribble', 50 ceramic cubes, black on white drawings, white on black drawings, photoshopped images, a cosmic cube of images and poems, paintings and painting/poems.

Compton Verney, Warwickshire, March - December,  'Drop of Make-up'.  A drawing/poem selected as part of the 'Outside-In' exhibition. 'Make a map of you inspired by Mary Courtney's 'Drop of Make-Up' with Make-up.  Activity from October to December in Compton Verney's Resource Room. Hundreds joined in.

Media City UK, Manchester, 2-15 February. Bi-annual Birth Rites Collection. 'I was born, as told by Mary Reidy' was selected for a big screen digital gallery display with audio of the story/poem. Shortlisted from over 6o applicants.

Earlsdon Library, Coventry, March 2012. 'From', an exhibition of paintings.

Saltaire Festival, Yorkshire, 10 September 2011.  “Tandoori and Tall Stories”, Asian cooking demonstration with poems from my 'Dinner Book” to go with each course. Joint event with Rahila Hussain, winner of the TV competition 'Food Glorious Food'.

Coventry Haiku Project 2011, 'Beauty in the Everyday'. Contributor.

Stratford Civic Hall, Stratford-Upon-Avon and St Nicholas's Church Hall, Nuneaton, 2011-2012.  A ceramic shoe-boat, ceramic peacock and pictures shown as part of group exhibitions for Escape Community Arts.



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